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Meet the Designer

"MARA MADE IN GREECE ", was established in 2014 by its creator Mara Mylonopoulou.

Continuing a long and successful career as a Theater Costume Designer, Fashion Stylist at the world's most-known women's fashion magazines, and L'OFFICIEL'S former Fashion Advertising Manager, Mara, made her next most personal, professional move in 2014. The birthplace was her studio, where experience and inspiration from Greek Culture and Heritage came together and transformed into unique jewelry pieces.

Mara's creations reflect her unique Greek Style, and her designs are an antidote to conformity. Jewelry is not the final touch on any outfit but expresses the personality of the woman who wears it.

Ten years later, selected boutiques in Greece and internationally featured "MARA MADE IN GREECE " jewelry; therefore, the next step came naturally.

Mara is always seeking new ways to express her creativity and beliefs. A new path led her to her ultimate dream: designing women's clothing.

Confident and full of creativity, she designed the first "MARA MADE IN GREECE" Luxury Resort Wear Collection, named "ΕΝΔΥΜΑ," which in English means "APPAREL."

The clothes line is clean but impressive, with a highlight on Balloon Sleeves. The clothing color palette is vibrant, inspired by the endless color scheme of Greek summer. The selection of primary colors, such as the bright white that you see on the houses on the islands, the beige of the sandy beaches, and the turquoise of the sea, highlight the colorful embroideries and the handmade tassels.

What makes this collection exceptional is the elegance that comes from the clean lines, the Style that comes from the edgy balloon sleeves, the Greek heritage featured in the magnificent embroidery, the luxury that comes from the quality of the cotton used for stitching, and the detailed embroidery that reflects the source of inspiration, the landscape, the spirituality, and authentic aspects of Greek Culture and Heritage.

Mara visualized a complete look for the woman who would wear her creations. She designed a shoe and bag collection that added the final touch to the outfit. Shoes are handmade of raffia, fabric, and leather, and bags are handwoven of cotton cords specially crafted for "MARA MADE IN GREECE."

"MARA MADE IN GREECE " features a complete women's collection to celebrate individuality and femininity. It appeals to women who like to highlight their unique personalities. They dress up every day, making a bold statement of who they are.