About the Designer


Mara Mylonopoulou was born and raised in Athens. From a young age, she was an artistic and restless personality, experimenting with colors, shapes, and fabrics till now; for her, classic or obvious is never enough. She finds fulfillment through exploration having creativity as her ultimate guide.

Mara grew up in an urban environment, where Art for her family was mostly a hobby rather than something to study at a university level. Although she got her degree in Marketing, it was never her main professional occupation. From little age and as a teenager remembered herself to be passionate about everything related to fashion. Fashion books and all the women's magazines were her inseparable companions.

More about me

A coincidence brings her to the threshold of private television and specifically in Antenna, where she was given the chance, although self-taught, to work as a costume designer. This was the beginning of a long and very successful career in the television industry, where she curated the costumes for many well-known TV series, television shows, and video clips. She also designed the costumes for plays and at the same time worked as a stylist in the glamorous world of fashion magazines, with lots of photographs in her portfolio. In 2000 began her cooperation with the Greek version of the international women’s fashion magazine, L ‘Officiel, as Fashion Advertising Manager, where she had the honor and pleasure to meet international personalities from the world of fashion. Then she worked as Media Consultant and Advertising at significant Greek import and export clothing manufacturers.
Her passion for creating and the extensive experience she had in the fashion industry, led to a personal professional move, her involvement with jewelry. The implementation of the project started in January 2014, at her studio where she “allows” the inspiration to approach her and make her ideas come true with love and passion, full of light and positive energy.

Art, travel, history, cinema, photography, and music are all mixed in the compositions of her jewelry. She designs always focusing on the feminine style, detail, and quality. She uses contradictions of materials and loves discovering anything new and innovative, to create jewelry with excellent aesthetics.